With an increasing amount of smartphones, tablets and mobile phone accessories, security is becoming a concern for many businesses, according to a report from Check Point Software Technologies.

About 71 percent of businesses believe that mobile devices have caused an increase in security incidents with an increased amount of information stored on devices, including corporate email, customer data and network log-in credentials.

“The consumerization of IT is among the top concerns for CIOs this coming year and we wanted to assess from IT administrators the current security challenges they face when it comes to mobile computing,” said Juliette Sultan, head of global marketing at Check Point Software Technologies. “The explosion of mobile devices connecting to the corporate network often creates greater opportunities for data loss and increased security management complexity."

Sultan said Check Point believes enterprises will need to better secure mobile phones in an effort to create a more secure work environment. About 94 percent of businesses said they have seen an increased amount of personal devices on the corporate network, and 78 percent said the number of devices has doubled in the past two years.