There may not be too many options when it comes to music tablets however it is not like the options you have are all that bad either. The Indamixx 2 is a music tablet that has the specs on a normal netbook. It is definitely much more powerful than the normal tablet since the Indamixx 2 has a 1.66ghz Intel Atom Processor, 250gb storage, mini HDMI output, and 2GB RAM. This is increasingly impressive as you think about it however when it comes down to it like most other tablets this is a pricey device. The Indamixx 2 comes at the price of $699 which is $300 less than the retail price in which it was supposed to be at, but it is still a pretty steep price. Another thing to add to this is that if you want this tablet to be able to dual boot into Windows 7 then you will have to pay $779 for this music tablet. Your choices may not be very varied, but this is a great device to use for the job.

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