IPhone covers, Bluetooth headsets and other phone cases have become increasingly popular over the past year and don't think inventors haven't taken notice. The Philadelphia Inquirer said while it may not make anyone billions of dollars, people have been finding interest in the world of accessories.

Mike Kane, maker of the CellHelmet, an accessory for the iPhone that looks to protect the devices against drops, told the Inquirer that he got into the business after having his own experience dropping phones. The company also repairs devices if they break within a year of using the product on the device.

"All the super-protective iPhone cases are really, really bulky," he said, according to the Inquirer. "We thought, ‘Why don’t we create a case that’s really slim but that protects your phone better than a bulky case?’ Then we thought, ‘Well, duh.’?"

People looking to start their own business have found a lot of genuine interest in phone cases and other accessories. The 2011 global market was an estimated $34 billion for accessories, according to The Fiscal Times. People should keep an eye out for the next in line of cool phone devices.