There have been some pretty interesting iPad 2 accessories as of late, but only one that has claimed to be of the same metal as ballistics. The Ballistic Tough Jacket was made to absorb shock and protect the expensive tablet device.

"Comprising a trio of layers that deliver a multifaceted protective case option that cannot be found anywhere else on the market, you can be sure this is as safe as it can get for your beloved iPad 2 in everyday situations," according to Coolest Gadgets. "It is not going to stop a bullet, but at least it can take a fair beating."

The first layer of the case has silicone to layer and absorb shock while the second layer is made out of hard plastic to offer additional resistance. The third and last layer has a shock absorbent polymer to absorb even more of the stress of hard falls that these devices are bound to take from time to time.

Ballistic's website has the device's retail price listed at about $35. It said these iPad 2 accessories come in multiple colors, and there are also smaller versions for smartphones and other brands.