With iPad 2 accessories still coming out, it may be time for an update for many, as rumors are spilling that the Apple iPad 3 is coming next month.

"Apple has a long history of hand-picking apps that it thinks are exemplary or really show off the hardware of a device to demonstrate during iPad presentation," TheNextWeb said. "The iPad 2 saw demo segments with Apple’s own Garage Band, iMovie and Photo Booth apps, while the recent ‘Let’s Talk’ iPhone event saw game title Infinity Blade 2 demoed in order to show off the graphics capabilities of the new iPhone 4S."

The new iPad 3 looks to have an emphasis on graphics and applications with high-definition assets. This appears like it could be a "retina" display. GMA Network said Apple has been rushing to finish up the iPad 3 demonstration applications.

Yahoo Finance said the launch of the iPad 3 could drive Apple shares above $500. This could mean a big focus on new accessories for the device, meaning those who use the iPad 2 could be looking for an upgrade sooner rather than later.