The popularity that the Apple iPad and iPad 2 tablet computers have experienced in the last few years cannot be understated. As cited in a report by comScore, that popularity may be greater than those in the tech world had previously believed. The data released in this report states that iPad devices account for approximately 97 percent of all tablet-originating web traffic in the United States, according to Apple Insider.

The news source reports that in addition to this show of web traffic dominance by the iPad, the Apple iOS mobile operating system also constitutes a greater audience than any other comparable mobile OS. This development is particularly significant, since the Android mobile OS actually makes up the highest share of the current smartphone market – a total of 43.7 percent as of August 2011.

As an overall platform, iOS-powered devices accounted for 58.5 percent of all non-computer web traffic in the U.S. for August 2011, despite the fact that iPhones, iPads and all related iPhone accessories make up 43.1 percent of the total market, 0.6 percent less than Android. Android devices, meanwhile, made for 31.9 percent of that internet use.

According to 9 to 5 Mac, the new iOS 5 mobile OS, revealed alongside the iPhone 4S, may also extend to a new version of the Apple TV system.