Sales figures aside, a new study by market researcher Net Applications took a different approach to highlight the iPad's dominance in the tablet market – web usage.

According to the report, Apple's media tablet accounted for 0.92 percent of all web browsing usage last month. While this figure may seem slight in the grand scheme of things, Net Applications pointed out that it is 53 times that of the iPad's nearest tablet competitor, Samsung's Galaxy Tab.

By comparison, the Galaxy Tab accounted for 0.018 percent of web usage, while the Motorola Xoom and BlackBerry PlayBook by Research In Motion represented 0.012 percent and 0.003 percent, respectively.

Apple kicked off a movement when it introduced the iPad in April 2010. Following the iPad's success, dozens of other manufacturers have introduced tablets and tablet accessories of their own aimed at competing with Apple. However, as evident by Net Application's study, none has yet proven to be worthy of the title "iPad killer."

Earlier this year, Apple announced that it sold 13.8 million iPads in 2010. In March, Apple revealed the tablet's successor, the iPad 2, which many expect to have surpassed its predecessor in terms of sales, though no official figures have been announced yet.