If you are like me you are thinking is this really a good investment for restaurants to make? The answer would be that it is definitely a good decision for them to make. Most of us who are not completely knowledgeable of wines are very skeptical when we hear that certain wines are better than others especially the more pricey ones. This is because servers may not be entirely truthful about which wines are actually good since they are paid to tell us or do what their boss tells them to. Also this raises another question of exactly how knowledgeable are the people who are recommending wine to us. This is where the IPad would come into play. By placing the wine lists on the Ipad and giving your customers access to reviews and research of the wines you would really give the casual drinker knowledge they never had before. By doing so you allow the customers who previously did not purchase because they did not know about wine the chance to make a decision based on what they learn or trust. I believe this is probably one of the smartest ideas any high end restaurant has ever had. By truly giving power to the customer you help personify customer service.

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