It took more than a year of hype and devoted fandom, but Apple's iPad finally accounts for more than 1 percent of the world's internet traffic, according to recent figures from Net Applications.

The tablet that seemed to spark an unprecedented revolution has seen a steady climb in terms of internet usage since its release in April 2010. Twelve months ago, the iPad accounted for only 0.23 percent of internet traffic.

While this is significantly more than its competitors, the growth since then has been dramatic. According to an earlier Net Applications report, as of May, the Apple enjoyed more than 53 times the tablet usage of its nearest competitor, Samsung.

iPad usage in the United States is outpacing that of the rest of the world, accounting for more than 2.1 percent of all internet browsing, the market research firm found.

Of course, the iPad is currently dominating the tablet market in terms of sales as well. According to figures from Gartner, Apple will account for 68.7 percent of the market this year, followed by Google at 19.9 percent.