While other tablets are certainly making headway in the burgeoning market, a new study from comScore found iPad usage far exceeds its competitors, accounting for 97 percent of tablet internet use in the United States.

Globally, Apple iPad represents 89 percent of tablet traffic, offset slightly by the mild success of other devices in such markets as Singapore, Brazil and Canada.

By contrast, smartphones based on Google's Android platform are outpacing Apple's iOS in a growing number of market, including the United States. According to comScore, Android smartphones account for 35.6 percent of non-computer internet traffic in the United States, while the iPhone represents 23.5 percent.

However, in other markets, Apple's smartphone is still faring better than handsets based on Android. In Japan, for example, the iPhone accounts for 49.5 percent of non-computer traffic, while Android makes up 30.6 percent.

Going forward Android is expected to become the dominant smartphone operating system around the world. According to recent estimates from Gartner, for example, Android will represent nearly half of the global smartphone OS market by 2015.