One of the newest iPad accessories, the iRoom iDock, lets users mount their tablets directly on their wall in the fashion of a flat-screen television. As mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular ways to view media, the new device may boost the non-traditional television experience.

Apple has already made a foray into media broadcasting. News has circulated that the company is in the works of developing an actual television, which may replace or compliment the Apple TV box service. Rumor has it that the company has been in talks with major networks to expand its reach in the television market.

If Apple does take on more media broadcasting, the iRoom iDock could turn iPads into small televisions with the click of a button. The dock, offered by manufacturer Bracketron, is a motorized system into which the tablet is inserted in the manner of a cassette tape. The user then makes the device wall-flat with the insert button.

Bracketron's new dock also offers power and audio connections, and comes in both portrait and landscape designs – a tough decision for potential consumers, as the dock can't be flipped if one style of viewing proves unfavorable.