Finally a QWERTY keyboard accessory for the IPhone 4 that looks elegant as well as sturdy. The BoxWave Keyboard Buddy gives your IPhone 4 the QWERTY keyboard you want, while not making it look like a bad version of the Motorola Backflip or the enV Touch. The Keyboard Buddy is a slider attachment to your phone, which will give you a full QWERTY keyboard with the number row which I love. this accessory my give you some battery drain however since it will be connecting to your IPhone 4 via Bluetooth, but that shouldn’t be a problem with the ridiculous battery life of the IPhone 4. I am impressed by how little, bulk it adds to the phone. The only issue I would find with this device is the fact that it is $70. I like the concept and design, but the price is a bit steep for just a QWERTY keyboard attachment.

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