The release of the Apple iPhone 4S was a major tech industry event, as the new mobile device broke records for pre-order and standard sales in the first few days it was available. According to Forbes, the effects of the new smartphone's release are still reverberating – and indirectly leading to yet another setback for the BlackBerry and its manufacturer, Research in Motion (RIM).

The news source reports that the Canadian mobile device business has been struggling to maintain a foothold on the market. This has been attributed to a combination of poorly received new products, internal management difficulties and a massive service outage that affected users on five continents and took RIM nearly a week to resolve.

As a result, electronics resale businesses like Gazelle are profiting notably from the 4S's release, since many smartphone owners are trading in their devices and smartphone accessories. Last week, Gazelle reported an 80 percent spike in the number of BlackBerry trades. Phones by other manufacturers running on the Android OS, such as the Motorola Droid Bionic and Samsung Galaxy S2 have also been popular incitements for trade-ins.

According to Reuters, consumers in the U.S. and Canada who were affected by the service outage several weeks ago are filing civil lawsuits against RIM.