Those with iPhone cases for Apple's older version may be in for a change with the release of iPhone 5, according to sources and rumors about the product, which may be released later this year.

Apple may get rid of the 30-pin iOS dock connector for a smaller connector on the new iPhone. A new micro USB standard would give the iPhone more space for other components. This would also give the phone more room for a longer-lasting battery.

"Not all current accessories would be compatible, of course, even if Apple offered an adapter dongle," the iMore blog said of the possible redesign. "It would upset as many customers as it would thrill. But Apple had never been afraid to ruthlessly jettison the past for a better future. Just ask the floppy drive, and now the optical drive and FireWire port."

While the article does not name any definite sources for knowledge of this information, rumors of the new iPhone have been picking up speed as of late. People looking to buy iPhone 4S cases or accessories may want to cool their jets and see if there is any weight to these reports.