Apple's recently announced event dubbed "Let's Talk iPhone!" may contain a play on words in addition to being the long-anticipated release of the iPhone 5.

The tech world has been buzzing about the new features and mobile phone accessories expected to be included with the new phone, such as a larger screen, more processing power and different dimensions. One of the most discussed, and least known, possible features is a newly enhanced voice command option.

According to a Forbes report, Apple expert and long-time company follower Jason Schwarz is calling the new voice capabilities revolutionary.

"I expect that this voice assistant will quickly make its way into laptops and desktops as well," noted Schwarz, as reported by Forbes. "Apple’s competitive advantage is widening by the day."

Voice commands are already common on many smartphones, from voice-enabled call making to spoken web searches. Many verbally powered interfaces have proven to be problematic, however, and if the rumors are true, Apple's may be the most comprehensive to date by leaps and bounds.

As more states enact distracted driving laws forbidding many uses of devices that require the use of hands, a fully voice-operated system could prove to be a big plus for users on-the-go.