Apple is gearing up for the launch of its hotly anticipated iPhone 5, which is slated for either an August or a September release – depending on whom you choose to believe.

A recent BGR report stated that a "reliable source" has confirmed that Apple will introduce the next-generation iPhone sometime in August. According to BGR's source, the iPhone 5 will include a number of big changes, which may include "radical new case design."

However, a slightly newer report from Bloomberg stated that "two people familiar with the product" have said the iPhone 5 will be launched in September, and it will include a new, speedier processor. According to Bloomberg's sources, the iPhone 5 will also feature a better camera than the iPhone 4 – possibly an 8-megapixel camera, like the iPad 2.

While Apple has yet to confirm any of the details, it must be enjoying the circus of rumors surrounding its upcoming smartphone. Other rumors have suggested the iPhone 5 will include an edge-to-edge screen, will not feature a home button and that it will actually be a cheaper, smaller version of previous iterations.