While the Apple design is well-known, Andy Robertson writes on Wired that after purchasing an iPhone 4S, he found himself wanting to "fix" the design and other things with his own iPhone covers and other accessories.

"I found myself trawling the internet for the weird, wonderful and sometimes useful iPhone accessories," he said. "Some of these solve problems that Apple hasn’t yet attended to itself, while others extend the functionality of the phone to make the most of its computing power."

Robertson's top ways to improve the design of the iPhone include the Trent iDual-Port Pack, which he said should help improve the smartphone's battery life; the Otterbox APL2 Defender, which he said improves the phone's durability and helps keep it safe from scratches, drops and more; and the Apple Digital AV Adapter, which he said turned his phone into an "HD source for various streaming services" while still charging the phone.

GottaBeMobile also touted the Otterbox as being one of the best iPhone 4S cases. The website said the case boasts three layers of protection and also looks good on the phone, solving issues of fashion and durability.