Although the exact release date, dimensions and specs of the upcoming iPhone 5 are still unknown to those outside of Apple, speculation is surrounding the new device as with past releases of previous models.

One iPhone accessories maker has jumped into production ahead of the release, which is expected to be in October and announced soon. Mophie, a California accessory manufacturer with ties to Apple, has begun producing mobile battery chargers meant to be compatible with the new iPhone.

Mophie doesn't necessarily have more information on the highly anticipated phone than consumers, but does appear to know that the newest model with feature the same power port as previous editions. The Juice Pack series of mobile chargers comes in three sizes ranging from the tiny Reserve to the Power Station, with power starting at 700 milliamp hours for the smallest to 4,000 mAh for the largest.

The accessory maker also specializes in cases for iPhones, but appears to be waiting for exact measurements and port locations before finalizing designs and producing products. As Apple now works with a number of service providers, slight differences in models may mean a larger number of cases will be produced for the iPhone 5 than any previous Apple phones.