Distinctive Style's new iPhone case offers a little extra functionality over other iPhone cases. In addition to featuring a rechargeable battery to extend the iPhone's battery life, the case also functions as a speaker amplification system and phone stand.

The case's built-in subwoofer speaker can amplify sound up to 10 times. Its rechargeable battery allows more than 20 hours of audio play or five hours of video play, and takes three to five hours to charge. Available in white, the case is designed for the iPhone 4/4S.

Distinctive Style also offers a line of iPad 2 cases that come in a wide range of styles, including a line of cases made with handcrafted Swarovski crystals.

The Swarovski crystal cases are made for luxury, prestige and customization. Each case is made with more than 1,000 crystals, and, because they're handcrafted, it's not likely there are any completely identical ones. In addition to having a large selection of existing designs, Distinctive Style allows users to submit their own patterns or text to be added to their cases.