New mobile phone accessories are launched on the website Kickstarter all of the time, but a new iPhone dock is running close to raising $1 million on the website, according to Beta Beat.

The Elevation Dock for iPhone has 54 hours to go and holds the record for most money pledged with $974,345 from 9,006 different backers. The dock, according to Beta Beat, will retail for $79 and is a well-made accessory. The website said it has received endorsements from Apple and Gizmodo, which had a writer said they want to buy an iPhone just for this product.

“Undocking is difficult, many aren’t designed to work with cases, they are lightweight, and are generally made as a cheap afterthought accessory,” Casey Hopkins, a Portland, Oregon, designer, wrote about the product. Hopkins is the founder of ElevationLab, which is the product producer that originally asked for $75,000 for the product.

In December, another Apple accessory broke the record, this time an iPod Nano Watch that had about $500,000 donated for its production. These mobile phone accessories on websites like Kickstarter are what is currently driving innovation in the field.