IPhone covers typically protect a phone, but they may have been stepped up to a new level by design consultancy company Snow Lizard. The company has a new Aqua Tek S case made exclusively for iPhone 4 and 4S and the product is solar powered to boost battery power and helps provide "ruggedness" for those who go outdoors.

"Though this case will add a substantial bit of bulk to the thin, sleek and lovely iPhone, users will find it worth the extras," according to GreenPacks.org. "This case will come in signal orange, black night and urban camo, and will collect sunlight through its back panel to power the iPhone inside."

The touch screen, volume, speakers and more are still available for access with the rest of the phone fully encased for protection. The phone can be dropped down a hill and still survive and go under 20 feet of water without being damaged.

Snow Lizard's Aqua Tek S is made of polycarbonate with rubber grips to help keep it secure. The accessory is currently on Kickstarter trying to raise money for a more widespread release.