It appears that little "4" attached to the end of the iPhone 4's name is causing some confusion among smartphone owners, as a new report from Retrevo revealed that more than a third of iPhone owners believe their smartphones to be 4G-enabled.

In reality, no iPhone model is able to connect to a 4G network. But, as Retrevo's study revealed, confusion about 4G connectivity is widespread and not limited to Apple users.

Comparatively, 29 percent of Android users believe their smartphones are 4G-enabled. This is somewhat more understandable, given the fact that several Android-based devices are now able to connect to a 4G network. However, Retrevo pointed out, the number seems "suspiciously large," considering only a select few devices are 4G-enabled.

Retrevo asserted that this confusion may impede the growth of 4G adoption. Additionally, the study found many consumers are skeptical about 4G, believing it is not worth the cost.

Those that do opt for 4G have several options from which to choose. According to a recent PCMag report, a 21-city study of 4G networks revealed that Verizon offers the fastest 4G connectivity nationwide.