I am sure many of use are familiar with the less is more mentality even if we do not practice this. Panasonic has taken this idea pretty much to heart with their new line of digital cameras which are all point and shoot cameras. Though they may still be on the higher end of the digital camera spectrum, these cameras have stripped away all of the confusing buttons and just given you a 3.5 inch touch screen to work with. The Panasonic FP7 comes equipped not only with the 3.5 inch touch screen, but it also comes with 4x zoom, it is 16.1 mp, and can shoot video at up to 720p HD. The Panasonic FP7 will not be released alone though. There will be a lower model called the Panasonic FP5 released as well which has a smaller touch screen on the back and is a 14.1mp camera as opposed to 16.1mp.

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