If you just bought your IPhone 4 and are like, “Man this screen is too small for me!!!!!” There may just be a solution to your problems. The Table Connect is a 58 inch multitouch screen table that your IPhone 4 connects to. This turns your table into one giant IPhone. I would not really give it points for portability,but it definitely is one of the more unique ideas for an accessory I have seen. It would be useful if you are playing scrabble or some board game on the IPhone, however I don’t see too much use for it other than that. It may be useful to those of you who do tons of work on your IPhone and need to see it all in full size. The best use for this is the military with their technology to display real field intel to an IPad and other smartphones this would allow generals or people receiving the information to see it all more easily.

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