After two long years of teasers the ITG xpPhone is coming out. The phone itself is however still very up to date, for being advertised 2 years ago. The design is very nice with a white outer shell, QWERTY keyboard, and Windows XP. That’s right it will be running Windows XP. The phone itself will have a large touch screen, but there will be a touchpad for the mouse as well as right and left click buttons all on the keyboard. It is hard to believe that you would be able to do too much, productively anyways, with such a cramped area of usage. Like most phones I am sure that it will take some time to get used to before you are just blazing through everything. The ITG xpPhone is a great phone, and is sure to turn some heads. The one downside is that the phone will run you $798 with 3G, $732 for 3G-free, and $666 for a 3G-less version with DOS instead of Windows.

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