The smartphone accessories company Jawbone, best-known for its hands-free Bluetooth headsets and earpieces, is moving into the fitness accessories market with its latest device. The Jawbone Up, a Bluetooth technology-equipped wristband, recently hit the market along with a corresponding application for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

According to USA TODAY, the device performs respectably at its primary function, which is to track various metrics related to its users' personal fitness. These include number of steps taken, miles walked or run, minutes of exercise and total hours of sleep, among others.

The news source reports that its chief advantage is its ease of use - since it is light, thin and fits easily on the wrist - as well as its ability to create GPS maps for your workouts and its social sharing features.

Despite this, it allegedly suffers from certain technological drawbacks. Although it syncs data from its companion app by connecting through a device's headphone jack, it must be charged separately through a computer's USB cable. Additionally, its battery life is being reported as less than the stated 10 days.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the software behind the Jawbone Up wristband's iOS app is thought to be its most glaring flaw, due to its tendency to crash.