For those of you whom were unaware, today is the day that Verizon has begun it’s pre-orders for the iPhone 4. If you are a Verizon Wireless Subscriber you had the option of reserving yours online today at 3AM and Verizon Stores as well as Apple Stores will be opening at 7AM to take pre-orders from the general public. We all knew that Verizon wanted to attract as many customers as possible to this opening pre-order event, and even if people cannot make it they have opened up a toll free number in order to set up your pre-order. That number is 1-800 JOIN IN. I am happy to see that Verizon is going to such lengths to make sure that any and everyone who wants to buy an iPhone 4 from them will be accommodated so that the only people on Verizon without iPhone 4s are those whom do not want one.

Source: Engadget