We have previously seen the eLocity A7 tablet and that was not too much to brag about, however eLocity has just announced it’s newest set of tablets will be running on Android 3.0. This seems to be a bit soon since neither Motorola or Google will be announcing anything with Android 3.0 Honeycomb until CES. This makes the expectations of CES all very focused on the what will be pushed out by more well known companies. The specs of the A10 tablet are a dual-core Tegra 2 T-250, “high-resolution” multitouch screens, microSD expandable memory, USB ports, front-facing camera, and an HDMI port. eLocity has also announced that there will be no less than 7 ten inch tablets with Tegra 2 processors running Android 3.0. This is actually somewhat interesting since all of these will are supposed to be different however the specs are all very similar.

Source: Engadget