KEE's Slider case features two halves that connect in the middle to allow users to customize the color combination of the case. It's not the case for the rugged sports enthusiast, but is more for users who treat their phones gently and want to add a little personal flare to their iPhone cases.

The two halves of the Slider case each have different base colors, so users can select the color combinations they like best and order a case that fits their preferences. It may be ideal for users who can't seem to find the particular pair of colors they absolutely love.

Each side of the case can be one of nine different colors, and each color can be combined with any of the other nine with the bottom half. The case fits tightly to the surface of the iPhone and features cutouts for volume control, speakers and a microphone.

For users who prefer the vertical halves of their phone to be a little more united, but still like the easy gripping and snug-fitting design of the Slider, KEE also offers the Uniter, a snug-fitting, ultra-thin case for the iPhone 4/4S. The Uniter offers some customization by allowing users to pick the frame color and backpanel color separately.