Kensington recently announced an iPad case that extends its protective features beyond the everyday bumps that other iPad 2 cases protect against. The KeyFolio Secure Keyboard Security Case & Lock features a locking mechanism and tether to keep the iPad 2 secure, no matter where the user is.

The case also offers functionality with a removable Bluetooth keyboard and its own adjustable stand to allow multiple typing angles. When the iPad is not in use, users can fully close the case around the device to protect it from bumps and other impacts.

The iPad case utilizes Kensington's ClickSafe locking technology, which it originally offered in a series of laptop security tethers. The locking mechanism attaches to the end of a tether, which wraps around posts and other grounded objects – a little like a bicycle lock for electronic devices. Users only need to click the wireless key to unlock the tether and untether their devices.

The security cable is made from high-carbon steel. Kensington tests the actual locking mechanism against lock picking, corrosion and other forms of tampering.