For people that dislike using their Apple tablet's on-screen keyboard, some new iPad 2 accessories will allow users to have a small physical keyboard to type on. The Kensington KeyLite Ultra Slim Touch Keyboard Folio is a faux leather case and keyboard, which should allow users to type easily on their iPads.

"The one thing I dislike about using my iPad is the on-screen keyboard, and it seems many people agree with me – evidenced by the sheer number of Bluetooth keyboards and keyboard cases on the iPad accessories market," The Gadgeteer blog said in reviewing the device. "Typing a quick email on an iPad is fine, but typing anything longer is slow and error-filled. The on-screen keyboard is probably the major reason so many describe the iPad as a consumption device and not a creation device."

The Gadgeteer said this keyboard is unlike any other it had seen for the iPad, but it added this device seems to emphasize style over function. While the reviewer couldn't recommend the accessory, the blog said the company makes other good keyboards for the iPad, which may be cheaper.

PC Magazine also said the keyboard folio by Kensington, which is retailing for about $120, is nice and light, but uncomfortable and limited. People looking for iPad 2 or iPad 3 accessories may want to shop around a bit before deciding on a keyboard for their device.