A new Kickstarter project promises to deliver a healthy dose of nostalgia to the world of iPad 2 cases. The Etcher transforms the iPad into a functional Etch A Sketch.

Designed with the red-lined rim and white knobs, the Etcher does more than just look like the old toy. The knobs can be turned to create lines on the iPad's screen, the same way a traditional Etch A Sketch would. The Etcher does have a bit of an upgrade over its predecessor, because images can be digitally stored, but the creators even designed the drawn lines to disappear when users vigorously shake the device.

The designers plan to make the Etcher's software open source and will publish the accessory's software development kit, so that games and other apps may be designed to utilize the Etcher's features.

Ari Krupnik, one of the designers, has a history of successful Kickstarter projects. The iPhly app allows the iPhone to take control of radio-controlled planes, helicopters and cars. The app uses motion control, allowing users to roll their iPhones to steer and tilt for vertical movement.