Although Kin was one of Microsoft’s bigger failures in the mobile phone industry, Kin Studio was by far not the worst of those products. Kin Studio was actually a very intuitive way of organizing media and all of the files saved onto your Kin. Personally I did enjoy the idea behind the Kin One and Kin Two, however Microsoft really did not put too much effort into making two good phones as good or as great as they could have been. The same goes for Kin Studio. Kin Studio was neither good nor bad, yet once more Microsoft did not take as much time as they should have in developing the software. I think that the Kin line of phones and Kin Studio would not be dead now had Microsoft put half of the effort which they are putting into Windows Phone 7. All things good or bad must come to an end, so it is a shame, but R.I.P. Kin Studio.

Sources: Engadget Mobile Crunch