While iPad 2 accessories and items for other tablets have seen a fair amount of play and use as of late, the Kindle Fire may see some new accessories as well. Mobile Fun, a company based in the United Kingdom, said it has decided to bring a series of new Kindle accessories forward, including the Tuff Luv Natural Hemp Case.

"To help keep your Kindle Fire safe whilst it's in the hemp case, it's held with a button clasp and an animal-free leather style material, which covers all four sides of your Kindle," the company said. "However, all the ports and features of your Kindle Fire are accessible, so you can still use your Kindle Fire charger whilst it's in this case."

Tablet PC Review has a post discussing what some of the best Kindle cases are and found that the Marware Lightweight MicroShell Folio Cover is the best case. Jen Edwards writes that this case features a polycarbonate shell that protects the corners and sides of the device while still allowing access to the ports.

With more tablets coming out, iPad 2 accessories could have some company by the likes of Kindle and other tablets in the coming future.