Beginning with its September unveiling and continuing through its official release and beyond, Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet computer has made a significant impact on the mobile device and mobile phone accessories market. As a result, recent analysis by market research firm IHS iSuppli is classifying the tablet as the second-place product in its category, according to CNET.

The news source reports that the Fire's success is suspected by some to potentially cause difficulties for other tablets, largely due to its comparably low price tag of $199. Tablets other than the Fire and Apple iPad have largely failed to provoke significant consumer interest.

The only strategy that has worked for tablets aside from the iPad looking to generate strong sales is price reduction, as examples of the Hewlett-Packard TouchPad and BlackBerry PlayBook have shown. However, those devices were subject to temporary discounts, while the Fire's low price is standard.

IHS' projections expect a total of 3.9 million units of the Kindle Fire in 2011's last quarter. This will place it ahead of Samsung for this period, effectively guaranteeing its second-place spot in the market.

According to Computerworld, answers by Amazon to questions regarding the collection of users' data with the Fire's web browser did not assuage the suspicions of a U.S. Congress committee on consumer privacy.