The Kindle Fire, which is expected to be one of the next top-selling tablets, is already showing strong sales weeks before the product hits shelves.

Research and marketing firm eDataSource has estimated the new Amazon device sold 95,000 units on the first day of its release. While this doesn't top Apple's first-day sales numbers for the iPad, it may signal that the tablet will meet expectations of quick success.

"Despite the higher price point, the Kindle Fire outstripped sales of the other three new Kindle units combined," noted the research company.

One facet of the Fire that may hold it back from market dominance is its reliance on Wi-Fi connectivity. Until Amazon offers a cellular connection, the sales of its tablets and mobile accessories may not reach the sales numbers of Apple or other major producers.

Amazon's e-reader has continually been a top performer in the sector, and the Fire, which is intended to be a vehicle for the company's digital media offerings, may turn out to be a popular tablet due to the relatively low cost – the retail price is under $200, hundreds less than many popular tablets.