The highly anticipated Kindle Fire tablet computer and e-reader hybrid from Amazon will officially hit store shelves tomorrow, November 15. However, an official statement from the online retailer has claimed that units of the device that were pre-ordered online will ship today and arrive at customers' homes earlier than expected, according to CNET.

The news source reports that this is part of the multi-faceted promotional strategy Amazon has put into place to increase the Kindle Fire's chances of success in the smartphone, tablet and smartphone accessories markets. Apparently, these efforts will extend to pre-ordered versions of the Kindle Touch and Kindle Touch 3G, now expected to ship on November 15, ahead of previous plans.

With these efforts, Amazon has a chance of competing against other dominant tablets with the Kindle Fire, such as the Apple iPad and iPad 2. The company's statement announcing the early shipments claims that the Fire has become the bestselling item on, prompting the manufacturing of millions of additional units. This demand may be attributable to the Fire's $199 price. 

PCWorld has reported that early reviews of the Kindle Fire have been largely positive, stating that its physical design and online store are earning praise while the low 8 GB internal storage and web browser are being criticized.