More rumors are surrounding the upcoming release of the iPhone 5. A few days ago, an Apple employee was said to have left a prototype in a San Francisco bar (a repeat of a similar event last year with the iPhone 4).

The latest pictures circulating in the tech industry suggests the phone will be slimmer, but with a larger screen. Early manufacturing of iPhone accessories for the new model appears to be producing cases that are too wide and shallow for current devices, judging by pictures released on Italian blog Macitynet.

A larger, thinner iPhone wouldn't be a surprise – smartphones have been featuring larger screens during the past several major releases, including some models with displays well over 4 inches. As portability is a major factor in mobile device design, a slimmer profile may make up for a larger width and height.

Until the iPhone 5 is released, mobile accessories may be the only judge of the character of the device. Apple enthusiasts have speculated (correctly) about the nature of upcoming releases based on the style of cases in the past, so the leaked photos may be a good indication of what's to come.