Samsung and Apple have waged their intellectual property dispute over patents related to design and smartphone accesories in 10 countries and more than 20 different court cases for much of this year. As a response to one of these legal battles, Samsung has stated that it will release new version of several smartphones to be sold in the Netherlands, according to Reuters.

The news source reports that Apple sought a ban on the sale of Samsung Galaxy S, S II and Ace smartphones in the country, claiming that the devices violated an Apple photo browsing technology patent. The company got the injunction it was looking for against the Korean manufacturer.

The current ban is temporary, but it will becoming binding on October 14 if Samsung does not make changes. James Chung, a spokesperson for Samsung, stated that the electronics company planned to adhere to by the terms of the court order.

"We've fixed the technological problem and upgraded products to address the issue," he told the news source. "They will shortly be available for sale."

The Associated Foreign Press reported that on October 13, a ruling would be delivered on another Apple lawsuit against Samsung, this one aiming to block sales of its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet computer in Australia.