LG seems to be taking out two birds with one stone with it’s new LG Optimus 2X device. The Optimus 2X is not only the first dual core smartphone, but it has also shown that there will be a release of a white Optimus 2X in the coming months. These may seem like simple facts to many, but to companies such as Apple and Motorola it is somewhat of a “Take That!” from LG. LG has beaten Motorola to the chase of the first dual core smartphone and LG will be releasing a white version of the Optimus 2X before Apple will release a white iPhone 4. The Optimus 2X is not all smoke and mirrors though, it is a seriously powerful device with it’s Tegra 2 powered processor and the ability to shoot video in 1080p HD. The LG Optimus 2X is set to begin it’s release in Europe in a few months, but there is however no sure source which confirms that Korea will not keep the white Optimus 2X for themselves.

Sources: Engadget IT Today(KR)