Parents with children may often have a hard time knowing what phone cases to buy. According to Parent Tested Parent Approved's Seal of Approval Awards, LifeProof iPhone 4S and 4 cases are the best in two categories this year.

The phone accessory company got the seal of approval for the PTPA Summer 2012 Campaign and the Tech it Up categories. PTPA has been testing thousands of products since 2008 and try to showcase which items are the best for parents to buy.

"The LifeProof iPhone case is a must-have for any parent," a PTPA tester said. "With three kids under the age of six, I need a phone case that can withstand the rigors of parenting. My LifeProof case goes above and beyond this, protecting my phone against food, grime, dirt and sand, snow, and shock from unexpected drops. Better still, my LifeProof case is fully waterproof, meaning I can record underwater videos of my kids on my phone and take it on family trips to the beach without worry."

IPhone 4S cases from the company let people have their phone in areas they usually couldn't, according to the company. The case is so waterproof that LifeProof said people can even sing in the shower or surf with their phone.