While iPhone and iPad accessories may take advantage of the Facetime feature, a new Logitech webcam designed for corporate use goes a bit beyond the on-device camera. The BCC950 Conference Cam is an HD webcam on top of a motorized stalk that can move 180 degrees.

This is the first device with a full HD webcam and full-duplex speakerphone that can work as a USB device. The company said it is looking to enable small groups to collaborate in conference rooms or in closed spaces. Collaboration could be improved by using this device when plugged into a mobile device or computer.

"The power of unified communications is driving collaboration across multiple locations and multiple devices, giving people the flexibility to work together wherever they are," said Giovanni Mezgec, general manager for Lync at Microsoft Corp. "The Logitech BCC950 ConferenceCam expands the benefits of UC in the enterprise by providing a simple-to-install, high-quality solution for small-group meetings."

Eric Kintz, vice president and general manager of the Logitech for Business group told eWeek that trying to huddle multiple people behind an iPad or iPhone could take a lot of work, so iPad accessories such as this can make things much easier for businesses.