For those who remember the Magna Doodle, the toy that would allow people to draw pictures with a magnet, new iPhone cases called iFoolish are available that will let people harken back to their childhood and draw some pictures.

"It’s a little weird to be honest, but essentially it works as how a Magna Doodle should and comes with a mini stylus of its own and a slider at the bottom that helps to clear the slate when you want to make a new drawing," according to UberGizmo. "It looks pretty cool and could open up personalized designs for your iPhone’s case."

The iFoolish is available for about $33. The case isn't just a magnetic canvass for doodling. It also lets people draw some cool pictures will aim to help protect the iPhone from being naked and prone to drops and other damages that comes from being without a case.

According to the manufacturer, these phone cases are 3.7 inches and can stay working even when the iPhone is turned off. The material is polycarbonate and should help protect against scratches and damage to the smartphone.