For those who have everything with their iPhone, from phone cases to extra cell phone batteries, there's a new accessory to add to the collection. This one is for some of the weather geeks out there, as the Shaka wind meter will help people do just that; see the speed, direction and temperature of the wind.

"[It could be used] perhaps during a game of golf or if you were planning on taking a sail boat out or maybe even during photo shoots to prevent the wind from interfering with the shoot," UberGizmo said on the device. "Either way if such an accessory sounds like a great idea to you, then you might be interested to learn that Shaka has developed a gadget for the iPhone along with an accompanying app that allows users to read the wind speed, direction and temperature via a small and portable accessory."

The device will plug into iPhone's' headphone jack and will communicate with an app installed on the phone, which means that it should be able to fit in over any smaller phone cases people have on their device.

Shaka said on its website that they are trying to deliver this device by fall. The company said they are also trying to make them available as iPad accessoires and Android devices as well.