Nokia finally made official its N9 smartphone, the first handset to feature the MeeGo mobile operating system.

From the outside, the Nokia N9 assumes an unusual look. The handset features no noticeable buttons, other than volume and camera controls. There's no physical keyboard – slideout or otherwise. Instead, the body of the phone consists almost entirely of a 3.9-inch Amoled touchscreen.

Under the hood, the N9 gets a little more interesting. This is the first – and presumable, the last – handset from Nokia to feature the open source MeeGo 1.2. The smartphone also includes near-field communication technology, 16- and 64-gigabytes of storage and a 1-gigahertz processor.

The N9 also comes in an array of colors and can support several mobile phone accessories, including speakers, Bluetooth headsets and headphones.

MeeGo may see a short shelf life on Nokia's phones, as the smartphone maker's recent alliance with Microsoft will make Windows Phone the primary operating system on Nokia handsets. The first device from the Nokia/Microsoft partnership is expected to arrive later this year.