Software applications for smartphones and tablet computers, which range from video games to social networking platforms, are a major part of the mobile device and mobile phone accessories market. According to recent research from analytics tracker Mobilewalla, 1 million of these apps will be available by the end of the week beginning December 5, with 989,476 of them downloadable as of December 2.

Currently, the majority of apps available are for the Apple iOS or Google Android mobile operating systems. Together, these platforms account for 92.49 percent of the total app marketplace, with 910,453 apps. Apple boasts 59.95 percent and 590,138 apps, and Android comes in with 32.54 percent and 320,315 apps.

The two other major mobile OS platforms, BlackBerry and Windows Phone use only 79,023, or 8.02 percent, of the apps currently available. Those platforms have not had the same amount of resources devoted to apps, while Apple and Android have thrived with their respective app marketplaces since their debut in the second half of 2008.

According to All About Windows Phone, the number of apps for that platform has grown at a much faster rate that ever before during the past month.