When smartphones began hitting the market a few years ago, the ease of accessing the web was a top feature. A recent study shows that internet use isn't as popular as one would expect.

According to Nielsen market research, Android users use mobile apps and websites for an average of 56 minutes per day. Approximately two-thirds of that time is spent on downloaded apps, while users spend less than 20 minutes on the internet.

The findings also indicate the popularity of the most-used apps. Nielsen reports that the 50 top Android programs account for 61 percent of the time spent on apps. Popular apps include free, pay-to-upgrade and purchased products, meaning the industry is booming for certain software makers, along with sales for tablets, smartphones and mobile phone accessories.

Although it may appear that the other nearly quarter-million apps on the market are being left behind, the study may offer good news for consumers. Many of the most popular apps are from reputable, established makers, such as Facebook and Google Maps, and the bulk of the less-used software includes many redundant, disreputable and user-unfriendly programs.

In the wake of the study and the huge gains of the market in the past few years, competition may arise between app makers to create the best and most innovative products.