As November begins, retailers in all industries begin to prepare for the uptick in shopping that comes with the holiday season. According to a study conducted by the IBM Coremetrics Benchmark, mobile devices are expected to play a larger role than ever before in facilitating consumer purchases, while online shopping in general is also expected to significantly grow.

To reach these findings, analysts behind the IBM report gathered data from the websites of over 500 retailers in the United States, and measured sales and marketing data from media outlets including social media sites, smartphones, tablet computers and other online mediums.

Significant results of the report include the findings on mobile e-commerce, which is expected to constitute 15 percent of all retail website log-ins in the United States. Popular smartphones and tablets running on Apple iOS and Google's Android are believed to be the primary sources of this traffic.

Users of Apple's iPad are expected to make more online purchases than those using other mobile devices for the same purpose. Additionally, Android devices are expected, for the first time, to bring in online e-commerce metrics comparable to Apple mobile products.

TechCrunch recently reported on the Motorola Droid Razr, widely expected to be a major holiday purchase, stating that pros included its built{-}in smartphone accessories such as the MOTOCast streaming support and its visual display, while cons included its low battery life and tendency to overheat.