With more Androids, Apple devices and mobile phone accessories than ever in 2011, Roger Cheng writes on CNET that the industry will continue to grow and be "as chaotic as ever" in the next year. Cheng made predictions for what will happen in 2012, including saying LTE phones will go mainstream.

"Pretty soon, your mom is going to be asking for an LTE phone," Cheng said, adding that the 4G LTE will be promoted in a big way over the next year. "She may not know what it is, or even know what it's for, but she'll be demanding it. That's a testament to how effective Verizon Wireless' marketing juggernaut has been."

Other predictions for the mobile industry in 2012 include the Windows Phone breaking through and becoming more popular and non-iPad tablets gaining more acceptance across the board.

The record-breaking iPhone 4s and the still popular iPad 2 tablet have many consumers interested in advancements in iPhone accessories and iPad 2 accessories.