Smartphone apps and mobile phone accessories are more popular than ever this holiday season and a study by Evoqu shows that consumers used their phones not only to check prices of items, but to buy them, save them for later and receive notifications on change of price.

The study, which was based on a sample of 100,000 users of Evoqu's ShopAdvisor, shows that consumers fell into three categories; in-store price checkers, couch-commerce buyers and deferred purchasers. About 11 percent made the purchase after barcode scanning an item.

Consumers also used alert-driven mobile commerce more this year than ever, as the Thursday-through-Monday holiday shopping period in November saw a 319 percent increase in the number of items for which an alert was delivered to a user's mobile device as a result of a 7 percent drop in price, according to the study. Most mobile activity over the holiday shopping weekend was for toys, 13.8 percent, tablets and media players, 7 percent and TVs, 5.8 percent.

Battery life is an obstacle for many mcommerce consumers, who may line up a product they want to purchase only to have their smartphone die. To enhance battery longevity, individuals should turn off apps and services they don't need and avoid leaving their device charging when it's already at 100 percent.